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Yet another Sparrow is going to sail

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Best wishes and happy sailing, Bryn Heveldt.

Yet another Sparrow is going to sail

Postby ThaneF » September 20th, 2016, 10:01 pm

So, after some thought, I have decided to build myself a Racing Sparrow 750 as a new hobby.
I have never build anything like this from scratch so really looking forward to it.

A little bit about me:
I live in South Africa, so some of the parts are going to be a challenge to find
I used to be an avid dingy sailor so this is the next best in my books
I already have a 2.8Ghz radio for a quad copter that I have previously built, I am hope to reuse the radio on this new build, I will be buying a new receiver etc for the yacht

I have started to collect some of the components already, I have had to order the balsa wood as the RC shop close to me as he didn't have the sizes that I wanted, I am hoping to start my build this weekend :D

A quick thank you Bryn for the comprehensive build guide that I have bought from you, I can see me using the book as a full time "bible"
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